Monday, December 29, 2008

Bored as hell and I wanna get blog

Great, just what I need; one more thing to do besides whatever I should be doing. On the upside I haven't felt this "in" or "with it" or "hip to the jive" or whatever phrase you want to use, since back in 1996 when I got e-mail. But if I remember correctly that e-mail address was shut down due to the fact that I never checked the damn thing. With a bit of luck this blog will not suffer the same fate. The title of this blog should give some indication of how I historically have felt regarding blogs and bloggers themselves, but to tell you the truth it foreshadows how this blog will likely be also. I wont church it up for you. In fact I can go so far as to say this blog will be a beacon of truth, containing not but pure fact. At least whatever version of fact or truth I choose to believe at that given moment. Basically what I am saying is that should you decide to read this pile of hot garbage you will no doubt find it as bias and self-serving as anything else on the

Brush off not work? Still reading? Here's a list of 3 things (in no particualr order) I'd rather be doing as opposed to sitting in Colfax, Washington watching the snow melt.
3- Skinny dippin with my girlfriend in a triopical lagoon with no one around for miles
2- Mowin' down on a "quality" burrito in Oly with my roomates
1- Enjoying a frothy dark winter beverage in a seedy run down bar with my long lost bro Kale

As an update I just got off the phone with Kale and it sounds like that last one will be happening sooner rater than later. Looks like the occasion will be new years and the part of the seedy bar will be played by none other than my garage. Anyone reading this (cue the crickkets) is invited to the festivities also.

Thats all for now folks. Thank you and gooday.