Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It's the only word that seems appropriate following the long slog of moving all of my possessions, and a great deal of other stuff, out of my house. I never want to scrub anything ever again after Suzye, Ryan and I attacked with vigorous swipes and lightning-quick wrists, seemingly every surface of our former domicile. But all that's over now. Lately the much better side of moving has occupied my time-- unpacking and setting up a new "nest". As much as I'll miss the house in Oly, sometimes it feels good to start fresh anew in a different place. Wipe the slate clean so to speak, and write something totally new. Like taking all of the word magnets off the fridge and composing entirely new meaningless phrases.

Speaking of lightning-quick, I was nearly struck by lightning this last week. It was simultaneously terrifying and invigorating. We were half way through our hike through the Yellowstone gorge when the weather began to show it's dark side. Most-- actually everyone but us-- scrambled to their cars like rats attempting to evacuate a flooding subway or something. But we pressed on. And so, at the trail-head, it was Suzye, Lindsey, and I up front when suddenly the sky exploded. I saw a bolt come in to being less than a hundred yards directly in front of me! Nick was behind the three of us and described our reaction as simultaneously ducking and jumping. The air was electrically charged as my brain processed what had just taken place. The remainder of the hike through the rain and hail garnered more appreciation and respect from me than the others due to the weather. For some reason I've always enjoyed the weather when it shows it's darker side. I think the force and power of nature comes across better. Kind of like when in The Fellowship of the Ring when Gandalf intimidates Bilbo.