Friday, October 16, 2009

Hurry Up Suzye

Just sittin' here, freshly off work, waiting for Suzye to finally return after her school field trip. Plans for this evening include a succulent Quality burrito, a six-er, and True Blood. Does it get any better than this?

To follow up on my last post I spoke with Albert again today. He brought in some memorabilia from his time in the service including pictures of the planes he flew, the other soldiers he flew with, and all sorts of documentation from that time including old drivers licenses, passports, and even a picture of him as a Hitler youth. Pretty surreal.

Hope to see you guys tomorrow at the Spadoni compound. Until then...

Oh, and on Sunday the first episode of the fourth season of The Venture Bros. airs, so if any fellow fans of the show out there want to share the experience let me know, cause I'm pretty stoked about it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flaming debris, cougars, grizzly bears and bulldozers oh my.

Damn it, why do I begin tasks such as these at altogether ridiculous hours of the night? I think this one has been building up in my head or something, like some sort of cranial coronary. The blockage just exploded. (WATCH OUT!) The problem is that I haven't posted in so long that I feel some sort of responsibility to make it some substantial or important post, thus becoming my triumphant return to internet blogdom. If your expecting this I hate to break it to you but you'll likely be disappointed, (Spoiler alert!) for this is just another story from a day much like any other...

Today began like many others, having had an enjoyable time hanging out with close friends and having the time of my life doing nothing in it of itself special or outstanding last night, suddenly it's the next day and time to go back to work - business as usual. But when I got there something happened that for one reason or another happens, usually to my detriment I might add, that makes absolutely no sense to me. Why do people you aren't that close to (or are complete strangers with) for no reason tell you their entire life story? This sort of thing usually occurs in some second hand store, dollar store, outlet, or similar semi-shady bargain establishment. But today it happened at the place of my employment with an interesting old man by the name of Albert.

Now Albert usually has some long drawn-out story that 90% of the time involves what his doctor has said about the effects of his arthritis this week, and what procedures they have in store for him. All spoken in the hardly intelligible accent of a foreign old man. But on this specific day he decided to disclose details of how he got all of that shrapnel in his hip that he constantly mutters about. He had in the past talked briefly about getting shot down in the war, but today he (like butter) was on a roll. He told me in detail about the entire experience, along with the subsequent seventy years of his life. Part of me does not feel right about spilling all the details for all to see, but if you see me sometime soon I'll give you the rundown in person. More important than the nitty-gritty specifics were the lessons I learned simply from listening to a man tell me exactly what made his life tick through the decisions he made over the course of his life. A long one I might add.

I should say that the only reason this little conversation between us came to an end is the same reason every single other conversation I've ever had with him has ended; someone else enters the scene and distracts him with a simple hello - something which completely derails the train of thought and the cycle begins again on another tangent, to another person.