Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day dream spectacular

I awoke early this Valentines day morning from a spectacular dream. As I lay in bed between the realm of dreams and reality I did my best to piece together the major plot points and incredible events that had transpired in my sleep. I can tell you that amazingly prolific events occurred and overall the dream had a plot worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster (James Cameron eat your heart out). But as I lay there trying to recollect I could feel the memories slowly slip away into the deepest crevices of my brain from whence they came. It reminded me of life itself; beautiful things happen over the corse of it, you die, (or in this case wake up), people keep you in their memory for a time and soon enough every evidence of your life, tangible and intangible slowly dissolves into this sea of atoms we call a universe.

I can tell you now only bits and pieces of what happened. A few images are all that remains of the symphony of events that inspired me during the night. One of which is when I was riding shotgun with Nick when he drove off the road into a rushing river. The current began to sweep us downstream and in the direction of a dense cityscape. We soared from the river directly onto a busy downtown street and began to pick up speed. Soon the buildings were speeding past us like stars by the Millennium Falcon as we tore a hole in the fabric of space-time. This is but a snippet of the dream in it's entirety but I believe gives some indication of the monumental nature of this dream.

<3Happy Valentines day all you love birds out there<3