Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Same $@!#, different day

Feeling pretty good here on this Tuesday afternoon. It's 12:33 and I'm finally done with work for the day (started @ 5:15). I ended up staying longer than normal to put a dent in writing swim lesson report cards as this week is the last of this session. Work is a constant source of drama that I, for the part, keep myself out of. Anyone out there who thinks the YMCA is a non-profit organization has never worked there. It's all a mirage that the people in charge do there best to maintain, but every now and again the heat dissipates and you see things for what they are. There are times it seems like I work in government, with all of the politics and epic power struggles that go on there.

Ah well, gotta let that shit bead off you like a hydrophobic lizard.

I finally got around to reading this book that has been at my house for a while now called Ender's Game. It was left there by someone and the cover always intrigued me.

I read it laying in bed for two hours before I fell asleep last night and the more I read the more I like this book. As you might be able to guess from the cover art it is sci-fi (or sy-fi as it seems to be changed to), about a future where Earth has been attacked by an alien race and barely keeps their shit together enough to continue to exist. After they/we fend off the bugs a massive effort is put into the construction of new weapons, epic space fleets, as well as the people to command and operate said technology. The story follows a boy (Ender) who is plucked from school at the age of 6, as so many bright young people are, to live in orbit attending "battle school". The games are kind of like laser tag in "null" gravity and are pretty intense. The whole time we hear those in high command talking about his progress and there future plans in grooming Ender for leading the entire human fleet against the inevitible return of the "buggers" as they call the aliens. If you're at all into science fiction and are interested in reading it you should contact me and I'll lend it to you when I'm done. (Which at this rate should be pretty soon).

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